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Features and Benefits of  Poly Water Tanks

Features of Poly Tanks:
  • Manufactured by roto molding polyethylene which is virtually unbreakable
  • No rust, cracking, fibres or water tainting problems that can be associated with metal tanks
  • Large range of colours available
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Range of sizes available
  • Action Tanks are certified to AS/NZS 4766: 2006 Polyethylene Storage Tanks for Water & Chemicals. This ensures safety for your family
  • Minimum 10 year written Guarantee
  • Simply the Best Quality


Poly Tanks Q&A
  • Does the plastic contain UV protection specifically for our local climate?

    Our local climate can be incredibly harsh. Polyethylene is ideal because it contains the right ingredients to make it endure our environment.
  • Is the plastic used in the tank certified as safe for drinking (potable)?

    If light can get into your water tank it can help algae grow, which can affect the health of your family. The government standard sets manufacturer guidelines about the correct thickness and colour of material. Properly certified polyethylene is safe for drinking water. Unfortunately some imported tanks may not be made from material that has been properly tested.
  • Is the stated capacity of the tank calculated according to the Standard?

    The calculation in the standards ensures that manufacturers can only state the actual amount of water that can be stored in the tank once fittings have been installed.
  • Is there a warranty with the tank?

    Don’t be seduced by lengthy warranties. Ten years is a reasonable warranty period. Carefully read the conditions and installation instructions before you buy so that you know your rights and obligations should you ever need to make a claim.
  • Has the tank design been tested?

    Like any material, plastic has some limitations when it is placed under stress (by filling). It’s important that your tank has been well designed and properly tested to ensure its suitability for purpose.

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